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What to Expect

As you walk in you can expect to be greeted by one of our Care Team members who will hand you a bulletin loaded with info, events and ways to get involved at Northwest Fellowship. We invite you to stop by our Welcome Center booth located in the middle of the foyer where we have a special gift for all of our first-time visitors. On your left, you will find our refreshment bar with coffee, tea, lemonade, goodies and more!  Restrooms are just right around that corner.

Children are a high priority at Northwest Fellowship, and we've shaped our children's ministry to help them encounter God in a meaningful way every time they walk through the doors. We have classes for children from nursery age through 6th grade located to the right of the main sanctuary entrance.

You will find a check-in table where greeters will help you print a name tag for each of your children and a guardian tag for you to pick them up with. Children cannot be picked up without a guardian tag. Children from 1st to 6th grade are brought together to experience live worship, drama and a kid's sermon in our kids. Then they return to individual classes for small group discussion and games before pick-up time.  

On 5th Sundays (4 times a year), we only hold classes for nursery through age 4. We invite all other children to be a part of our normal Sunday service.

At Northwest Fellowship, worship is vital. We seek to engage everyone in a meaningful worship experience through music, video, and any other creative means to share the message of the Gospel.

Each Sunday, the Word of God is taught in a relevant, understandable way so you can learn what God's Word says and apply it to your everyday life. Worship service begins at 10:30am and is over around 12pm. Corporate communion happens every first Sunday of the month and our youth worship team leads our worship services every 5th Sunday of the month.

Click Here to watch previous sermons here or click here listen to last week's sermon here.

Enjoyed your visit? What's next?
We believe that God has drawn you here for a purpose! He is not done with you yet; you are a work in progress and on a journey of transformation with the goal of living out Christ's truth and compassion in a fallen world. If you feel God is nudging you to come back again we invite you to fill out the communication card you found in your bulletin and drop it in the offering boxes by the door. Visit the Connect section of our site to learn about ways you can take your next steps in plugging in at Northwest Fellowship.